Summer limited edition LEAF&BOTANICS “Peppermint”


Three items perfect for summer will be available in limited quantity on June 16 from LEAF&BOTANICS that fruitfully brings the goodness of plants to your skin and your heart. Body care items that give you a fresh feeling with a refreshing design and scentful peppermint. A transparent green Mothersoap is visually refreshing and gives you a cool finish. Hand soap will make you feel refreshing every time you wash your hands. You can enjoy your bath time with the Bath Salt that reduces body heat. Make your summer comfortable with LEAF&BOTANICS Peppermint. We accept orders from June 14 (Wed) at 11:00 am at Matsuyama Online Store.

[New Products]
・LEAF&BOTANICS Mother Soap Peppermint 90 g / JPY 400
・LEAF&BOTANICS Hand Soap Peppermint 250 mL /JPY 650
・LEAF&BOTANICS Bath Salt Peppermint 35g / JPY 200
*All list prices do not include tax.
[Available at] Lifestyle stores and online

M Mark Hakka “Kamadaki” Body Soap on sale June 5


Summer edition Hakka “Kamadaki” Body Soap will be available again in limited quantity. Liquid soap made of palm kernel oil and safflower oil, boiled by the traditional pot boiling method, is blended with Japanese peppermint and menthol as a natural refreshing ingredient. It lathers up well and produces a fresh finish. This is a perfect item for a hot, humid season to wash off the sweat. It gives you a cool sensation with a fresh scent of Japanese peppermint essential oil. We start accepting orders from June 1 (Thu) at Matsuyama Online Store. *Domestic delivery only.

[New Products] Limited Quantity Product
・M Mark Hakka “Kamadaki” Body Soap 400 mL / JPY 600 (excl. tax)

*Free from synthetic surfactant, synthetic perfume, colorant, mineral oil and paraben.

New column “Our Workstyle” is posted on ABOUT US page


Matsuyama has launched a “Workstyle Project (WORK2020)” from this April. In the column, you can find how we are working on the workstyle reformation.
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Digital catalogs are now available on our website


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A PDF version of our catalogs is now available on our website. Our catalogs are full of original information and images and easy to check product lineups. Click hereto view catalogs.

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We begin taking orders for new M Mark items that contain bamboo charcoal and salt


New products from M Mark contain bamboo charcoal and salt as cleansing ingredient. Bamboo charcoal has excellent absorption properties and salt softens old horny. “Bamboo Charcoal and Salt Face Wash” and “Bamboo Charcoal and Salt Body Scrub” generate synergistic effects of the two ingredients and provide your skin with fresh and smooth finish. We start accepting orders at Matsuyama Online Store now. Click here for more details.
We also begun to accept orders for Eucalyptus “Kamadaki” Hand Soap. Its abundant lather wraps the dirt on hands and fingertips. A refreshing scent of eucalyptus essential oil. Click here for more details.
*The release of “Bamboo Charcoal and Salt Tooth Soap Paste” has been postponed. Click here for more details.