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  • Q:In what aspect is your soap shampoo superior to synthetic shampoos? A: Soap binds to the minerals (calcium, magnesium) contained in water and is transformed into soap scum (metallic soap) without cleansing power. Part of the soap is transformed into soap scum even during lathering and use, and all of it becomes soap scum when it is exposed to a lot of hot water when hair is rinsed. General surface active agents, on the other hand, do not have this property, and exhibit their full cleansing power. The soap shampoo quickly loses its cleansing power by rinsing, but this means that the soap shampoo also loses elements irritating the skin easily. This is the primary advantage of the soap shampoo. Besides, even if soap scum is drained with waste water into the river, it will be finally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms within two weeks and will not impose excessive burdens on the natural environment. This is another advantage of the soap shampoo.
  • Q:My hair became coarse when I washed my hair with an Amino Acid Soap Shampoo. A: The reason your hair became coarse is that soap is alkalescent and soap scum was produced. Soap combines with the mineral contents in water to forms soap. In addition, if you shampoo your hair with alkalescent soap, the cuticle covering hair slightly opens. As a result, hairs may be likely to get tangled with one another. This is the cause of creakiness or coarseness after you wash your hair with a soap shampoo. Please be assured that your hair does not get damaged.
  • Q:Do I have to use a conditioner after hair washing with a soap shampoo? A: Basically, we recommend using a conditioner as well. Conditioners for soap shampoo like PH Balanced Conditioner are used to neutralize hair temporarily inclined to alkalescence by a soap shampoo with acid ingredients. These conditioners firm up cuticle and, at the same time, decompose soap scum. Conditioning ingredients are also blended and provide hair with silky smoothness.
  • Q:Why does your "Amino Acid Soap Shampoo" sometimes disagree with permed or colored hair? A: If hair is damaged (the hair cuticle is peeled) by a permanent or coloring, excessive soap scum penetrates into the areas from which the hair cuticle is peeled, resulting in serious grating or stiffness. Basically the soap shampoo is not suitable well for permed or colored hair, but the impression from its use differs among individuals. This is the reason the caution "This product may disagree with your hair." is marked on the product.