Skin care

How to choose and use

Introducing products that suit your skin type and purposes.

  • Q:Is it better to wash the face after cleansing? A: It depends on the type of makeup you wear, your skin type, your skin condition and what kind of skin care routine you have. Makeup will dissolve in the oil included in the cleanser. When you rinse off, the makeup will be mixed with lukewarm water and removed from your skin. It is the surface active agents that work to mix the oil that contains makeup and lukewarm water but the surface active agents included in our products are very high in affinity for water so it can be quickly rinsed off. If you don't wash your face after cleansing, you will feel your skin moisturized and the oil will slightly remain. This is an oil and moisturizing agents that are used in our cleanser so they will not place stress on your skin.
  • Q:Do you have a face wash that has a high moisturizing effect? A: For dry skin, we recommend HADAURU Moisturizing Cleansing Foam, the Millennium Mother series Face Wash or Face Wash for Sensitive Skin. These items have a rich lather that contain plant-based emollients and make your skin feel moisturized. Cleansing Foam contains emollients and moisturizers and have mild cleansing power and recommended for dry skin.
  • Q:Is there a soap that cure acne? A: We do not recommend the use of soap if you already have acne. Acne is a type of skin condition. If you are suffering from skin problems, refrain from using any cosmetic products since they might irritate your skin. In such cases, we recommend you to consult with dermatologist on how to use the cosmetic products. Soap and cosmetic products are not capable of curing acne (or have effects on acne) since they are not medicinal products.
  • Q:Can you tell me the difference of texture of your makeup removers? A:Below are the differences of the cleansing power of our makeup removers.
    1) LEAF&BOTANICS Cleansing Oil Acai and the Millennium Mother series Cleansing Oil
    These two items have the same cleansing power and have the highest cleansing power of all of our cleansing items. These items are suitable for removing oily makeup, such as waterproof foundation and mascara. It is also recommended to those who prefer scented products.
    2) LEAF&BOTANICS Cleansing Gel MEBUKI 3) HADAURU Moisturizing Cleansing Gel
    This product gives a moist feeling after cleansing.
    4) LEAF&BOTANICS Cleansing Cream Sake 5) Millennium Mother series Cleansing Cream This remover is the mildest in cleansing power. If you are concerned with dry skin or wearing a light makeup, we recommend you to use this item.
  • Q:Is is okay to use makeup remover with wet hands? A: You can use LEAF&BOTANICS Cleansing Oil Acai with wet hands. For other makeup removers, use them with dry hands.
  • Q:What is the difference between HADAURU Moisturizing Infusion Moist Rich and HADAURU Moisturizing Infusion Balancing? A: HADAURU Moisturizing Infusion Moist Rich is a highly moisturizing lotion with a thick texture that blends smoothly into the skin and provides moisture. In the meantime, HADAURU Moisturizing Infusion Balancing is a lotion that quickly penetrates into the horny layer, replenishes moisture to the skin and regulates oil and water balance of the skin. Both types are free from alcohol (ethanol), parabens, perfumes, colorings and mineral oils. HADAURU Moisturizing Infusion Moist Rich is recommended for... ☐Face feels dry all over ☐Lacking in both oil and water ☐Prefer thick textures ☐Prefer a strongly moist finish HADAURU Moisturizing Infusion Balancing is recommended for... ☐Don't like stickiness in the T zone ☐Oil and water balance easily lost ☐Prefer a lighter texture ☐Prefer a fresh, moist finish
  • Q:Is it okay to use the Millennium Mother series Moist Night Cream in the morning? A: It is not recommended to apply the Moist Night Cream before makeup. The coating action of the meadowfoam oil contained in the product might cause an uneven application of the foundation.
  • Q:Please tell me about skin care products that I can use with my children. A: We recommend our M Mark skin care series or the essential mother soap series. The M Mark skin care series products provide a slightly moister finish than the M Mark skin care series products. The reason we recommend these products to children is that they are free of perfuming ingredients (perfumes). Since children are small in size and have thinner skin than adults, they are more sensitive to perfumes (including natural essential oils) on the whole and, therefore, more likely to receive irritation. For this reason, Matsuyama recommends totally perfume-free products to children.
  • Q:Can skin care products be stored in the refrigerator? A: The low inside temperature of the refrigerator and temperature changes when taking skin care products out of and returning them to the refrigerator may affect their quality. Store them inside a room wherever possible. If you store them in the refrigerator, do not place them close to the door where the temperature significantly changes, or in a position where it is exposed directly to cold air. Note that even if products are stored in the refrigerator, they should be used up within about six months after unsealed.
  • Q:When refilling a skin care product, is the container safe only with washing with water? A: Wash the container for a skin care product with warm or hot water. Thoroughly wash the body of the container, the cap, the internal plug, the nozzle, etc., and dry them up before refilling. In containers for oil-free skin lotions and gels, old products will not remain if they are carefully washed with warm water. Essences, milky lotions, creams, etc. contain oils, but these oil contents are not waterproof ingredients, and almost all of them can be removed with warm or hot water. Remaining old products will never become rotten. However, if you feel anxious about it, wash the container with a clean sponge, liquid soap, etc., thoroughly rinse and dry it. Much remaining moisture may cause the quality of the new product to be degraded. Thoroughly drain moisture off the container, the nozzle, the tube, etc., and dry them up.