“General sales of “”Alternative”” start


Matsuyama’s new skin care “”Alternative“”. General sales start this January. In addition, Matsuyama online store offers a trial set of three “”Alternative”” items (mini-bottle, 2,200 yen [tax included]), with free shipping. How about using the trial items when taking a trip or going to the gym for example?”

Matsuyama’s environmental initiatives


Have you noticed Matsuyama products with no packaging film being sold? These products are not defective and there is no need to worry as there is a good reason behind it. Lately micro plastic and the greenhouse effect have become a big problem. To combat the problem actions have been taken globally. For this cause Matsuyama is cutting back on plastic usage as much as possible to reduce plastic waste and CO2. This was the reason behind stopping the usage of plastic packaging film in bottles. By the end of 2019 we expect to reduce the plastic film by the equivalent of 1 million bottles worth of packaging film. *Click here to see details of other environmental initiatives that Matsuyama is taking.

Establishing Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden in Tokushima Prefecture


As introduced on the “Yuzu special feature page” Matsuyama is conducting a research in Toukushima Prefecture about the benefits of the Japanese citrus for the skin. Also plans about cultivation and usage of the raw material in skin care products are being made. As a part of this plan we are establishing Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden for cultivation and research as well as for the purpose of increasing the level of communication and team spirit in the local community. From now on we are planning to produce Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden’s original products (skin care items, pressed juice, beverages, processed food) and to sell them both in Japan and overseas. We are expecting to open Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden in September 2020. Please see the progress of our new project. Click here for more detailed information.

【Order start】 Charmant Chouchou new leave-in hair treatment items launched


New hair care items launched from Charmant Chouchou. These leave-in hair products contain sea plant extract from Brittany, France and can be chosen by the prefered aroma and finish. Please use the “Day Emulsion” in the morning. Delivers moisture all the way to the hair tips and makes the hair easy to manage. The emollient ingredients also keep the hair shiny. For damaged hair we recommend using the oil serum “Night Serum” during the night time. Gamma-Docosalactone helps to keep the hair smooth and keeps hair frizz at bay. Please try the products.

LEAF&BOTANICS launching new「OLIVE」 skin care


「OLIVE」, new skin care from LEAF&BOTANICS uses skin beneficial olive oil and olive extracts in it’s formula. By continuously using the beneficial ingredients, the skin is able to keep it’s refreshed and moisturized state, leading to healthy and glowy skin. Aroma from natural essential oils. The combination of blood orange essential oil and lavender essential oil spread a refreshing aroma.

5 types of items included: Cleansing OilFace Wash (face washing foam)Face Water (face lotion) Face Emulsion (milky lotion) and Skin Care Trial. Refill pouches available for 3 items excluding Face Wash and Trial set.