LEAF&BOTANICS launching new「OLIVE」 skin care


「OLIVE」, new skin care from LEAF&BOTANICS uses skin beneficial olive oil and olive extracts in it’s formula. By continuously using the beneficial ingredients, the skin is able to keep it’s refreshed and moisturized state, leading to healthy and glowy skin. Aroma from natural essential oils. The combination of blood orange essential oil and lavender essential oil spread a refreshing aroma.

5 types of items included: Cleansing OilFace Wash (face washing foam)Face Water (face lotion) Face Emulsion (milky lotion) and Skin Care Trial. Refill pouches available for 3 items excluding Face Wash and Trial set.



LEAF&BOTANICS 「MEBUKI」discontinued September 4th (Wednesday) 2019, last order time 17:00. Last shipping on September 6th. Please note that depending on the remaining stock the product sale might end sooner. We apologize for the inconvenience caused for customers using the series. Thank you for using the series so far.

【Discontinued items】

M Mark Amino Acid Skin Care Renewal


Amino Acid Skin Care Series all moisturizing products include Amino Acid and PCA, which are the main ingredients of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). These ingredients help to strenghten the water retention function of the skin. It is important to continuously supply the skin with Amino Acid. The reason being that due to external stressors such as UV radiation, dry air, and skin cell turn over slowing down with aging there is a reduction in skin’s amino acid supply. By taking good care of the skin daily, the skin’s 「moisturizing power」 can be strengthened. With this renewal we also added refill pouches. We hope you will use the series long and continuously.

「Hand-Cleaning Gel」 for making hands clean even when there is no water available


When camping you might want to wash your hands but there is no water nearby. Also during barbecue you might want to clean your fingers. In times like these we recommend using「Hand-Cleaning Gel」. This gel is convenient not just for special occasions but also carrying with you in your daily life. 240mL size bottle, 50mL portable travel size and refill pouch available. Also yuzu essential oil formulation and fragrance free fourmulation available. User friendliness in demonsatated in the TOPICS section of our online store. Please feel free to take a look.

HADAURU 「recommended summer skincare campaign」 


The summer coming up is very hot. Sweat and sebum are also a problem but the UV rays and airconditioning can actually be very drying to the skin. For a season that is filled with stickiness, dryness and harsh UV rays how about restoring the moisture with HADAURU skin moisturizing skincare.

Currently in online store we are introducing ”recommended skincare steps for summer” as a part of the 「recommended summer skincare campaign」. Also informing about the product testing, in which the participants are selected in a lottery. Details in the feature page