Factory outlet page items added


Thank you for always visiting the online store.

Recently we have added discontinued products of HADAURU moisturizing skincare series (some items) to the factory outlet site. The sale goes on as long as there is stock left so please don`t miss it. Click here for factory outlet page

※The items subjected will be updated as needed according to the changes in stock. Also due to the special price returns and exchanges are not accepted.

Official LINE account made


Lately Matsuyama opened an official LINE account. In addition to publishing information about new products, we will also notify about campaigns and events as needed. Currently we are issuing coupons worth of ¥500 for the online store. Limited to new LINE friends.Please use this oppoturninty.Friend registration here

M mark “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap now on sale


This year too, M mark launches the quantity limited 「M mark “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap.This Body Soap is suitable for children and adults regardless of age or gender.This cooling Body Soap is delightful for the hot, sweaty summer. See the special edition page

【Order started】 M mark “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap


Every year during this season the 「M mark “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap」 gathers a lot of positive feedback. Launched again as a summer time limited edition. Liquid soap made using the pot boiling method is combined with natural refreshing ingredients of Japanese peppermint essential oil and menthol. Cleanses the skin with rich lather leaving it refreshed.See the item

Summer limited edition items from LEAF&BOTANICS with the scent of peppermint essential oil are now on sale


LEAF&BOTANICS that fruitfully brings the goodness of plants to your skin and your heart offers you an annual summer limited edition items. In addition to Mother Soap and Hand Soap, this year we are launching Cool Body Gel that provides your skin with a cool sensation and moisture. All of the items have a fresh scent of peppermint essential oil and give a pleasant cool feeling. Make the sweaty summer comfortable with LEAF&BOTANICS summer limited items.

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