【Order started】 M mark “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap


Every year during this season the 「M mark “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap」 gathers a lot of positive feedback. Launched again as a summer time limited edition. Liquid soap made using the pot boiling method is combined with natural refreshing ingredients of Japanese peppermint essential oil and menthol. Cleanses the skin with rich lather leaving it refreshed.See the item

[Notice] Discontinuation of M Mark Laundry Powder Soap


The “M Mark” series is popular because it can be used safely and confidently by the entire family, from children to adults, regardless of age or gender. We regret to inform you that sales of our natural fats and oils based Laundry Powder Soap will be discontinued as of 17:00, March 27, 2019 (Wednesday). Please note that sales may be discontinued earlier if inventories run out.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patronage of this product.

[Discontinued item]
Laundry Powder Soap

[Discontinuation date]
Sales will terminate with orders received prior to 17:00, March 27, 2019 (Wednesday).
[Final shipping on March 29 (Friday)]

Change of materials and specifications in our shea butter hand cream and whole-body moisturizing cream


Thank you for your support of Matsuyama products.
We have made some changes to the materials and specifications used in our “Shea Butter Hand Cream” and “Shea Butter Whole-Body Moisturizing Cream.” The details are described below. In conjunction with these changes, we will also be releasing new versions of affected products. For a short period of time, earlier versions of products will be available alongside the new versions, and we would like to apologize in advance for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

[Relevant products]
■Shea butter Hand Cream 65 g (JAN code: 4954540119264)
■Shea butter Whole-Body Moisturizing Cream 170 g (JAN code: 4954540142255)
[Description of change]
Specification changes for backside indications (hand cream only), product manuals (whole-body moisturizing cream only), recycling mark indications, product lots, and shrinkwrapping

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Change of materials and specifications in our shea butter hand cream
Change of materials and specifications in our shea butter whole-body moisturizing cream

News release: M Mark Clean Hands Gel March 13 new product launch


Simple hand sanitizing, anywhere
M Mark Clean Hands Gel March 13, 2019 new product launch

The M Mark series, designed for family members of all ages and genders, offers the new Clean Hands Gel. Rub the gel thoroughly on fingers and hands, wiping of extra gel as necessary. Instant sanitizing without water. The gel provides an easy way to give your hands a fresh, clean feel whenever you are unable to wash up, whether you are indoors or out and about.

The Clean Hands Gel is made with plant-based alcohol obtained through fermentation. The quick-drying gel is easy to apply and has a light feeling on the hands. The gel, which wipes off quickly even without water, refreshes and sanitizes hands, leaving them feeling smooth and not sticky. The gel comes in two versions, allowing customers to select the one fitting the occasion. The unscented type offers worry-free usage before meals or when interacting with children. The scented version uses natural essential oils from domestically-sourced yuzu citrus as an aromatic component. Its characteristic wafting aroma is the result of essential oils extracted from yuzu rind through a steam distillation method. Refreshing citrus fragrance enters the senses, providing well-needed reinvigoration. Sizes have been expanded to include a pump type for convenient daily use and a mini portable size. Our environmentally-friendly refills let you reuse original gel containers while protecting the earth. The brand-new Clean Hands Gel is adaptable to every lifestyle situation.

■New Product Overview
Clean Hands Gel
240ml JPY 950 (excl. tax) / Mini size 50ml JPY 600 (excl. tax)
Refill 220ml JPY 750 (excl. tax)

Yuzu Clean Hands Gel
(including natural essential oils from domestically-sourced yuzu)
240ml JPY 1,150 (excl. tax) / Mini size 50ml JPY 700 (excl. tax)
Refill 220ml JPY 950 (excl. tax)

Contains no parabens, mineral oils, coloring agents, or synthetic perfumes

The news release may be downloaded here.

HADAURU Moisturizing Cream was featured in the magazine “kodomoe”


Moisturization is the most important, basic way to care for the skin. And that’s what we emphasize in “HADAURU Moisturizing Skin Care Series.” HADAURU Moisturizing Creamis one of the most popular items in this series.

It contains soy bean-derived ingredients that condition the horny layer, 5 types of ceramides that supplement the barrier function and emollient ingredient shea butter. It protects the skin moisture without feeling sticky. Try this item to prepare for the dry season.
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