Launching of M mark Yuzu Body Soap


Focusing on the scent of domestic yuzu fruit itself,
M mark Yuzu Body Soap is to be launched on September 12, 2018

We are launching Yuzu Body Soap which blends in domestically produced yuzu essential oil from M Mark series that brings comfort and confidence to the whole family. Since Edo Era, yuzu has been a familiar fruit to the Japanese and it is said that “you won’t catch a cold if you take a yuzu bath on the winter solstice (Toji).” Associated with ‘Wa – Japanese culture’, the scent of yuzu is loved by many people from the world recently.

■Rare domestic yuzu essential oil
Focusing on the scent of material itself, we only use yuzu essential oil as perfume ingredient. Furthermore, we only use yuzu that are produced in Shikoku, which is one of the major production areas in Japan.
We can merely extract 300 ml yuzu essential oil from 100 kg yuzu fruit by extraction method called Expression. Since the method do not apply any heat during extracting, the useful ingredient for scent won’t be damaged and produces a slightly bitter and fresh scent which is unique to yuzu. Enjoy the natural scent that permeates the bathroom once you lather up.

■Produces rich lather that gives your skin a smooth finish
As cleansing ingredient, we use liquid soap made from palm kernel oil and safflower oil boiled by the traditional pot boiling method as a base, blended with amino acid cleansing ingredient which is easy on the skin. With this item, we have succeeded in balancing abundant lather and rich scent by carefully selecting the cleansing ingredient that blends in with soap, and examined numerous times to figure out its right amount since the yuzu essential oil, blended as perfume ingredient, prevents bodysoap from lathering up. The feature of soap that produces lather quickly and abundantly, and the mild cleansing ability of amino acid cleansing ingredient make your skin smooth and reduce dryness and tautness after cleansing.

■ New product profile
M mark Yuzu Body Soap 480mL 1200 yen

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Relaunching of M mark Lip Balm


Fresh scent of yuzu essential oil and deep moisture of shea butter
We are relaunching 2 types of M mark Lip Balmon September 12, 2018
In order to be prepared for the driest season of the year, we are relauching two types of lip balm. Protect your lips from dry, cold air or air conditioner with lip balms that have different textures and feelings and keep them healthy.
‘Yuzu Lip Balm’ contains sunflower oil that blends well into the lips as a base ingredient and plant-derived emollient ingredients. It melts on the lips, smoothly blends in and provides natural gloss and moisture. The improved version has a richer scent of yuzu essential oil and you can feel the refreshing scent of yuzu once you apply it.
‘Shea Butter Lip Balm’ contains organic shea butter. We have improved the smoothness when applying, while maintaining rich texture and high moisturizing ability. Closely adheres to the lips, it makes your lips supple and smooth. Free from fragrance for dry, sensitive lips.

■ New products profile
Yuzu Lip Balm 4g 700 yen
Shea Butter Lip Balm 4g 700 yen

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Now receiving orders for M Mark “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap


This year too we are launching “Kamadaki” Hakka Body Soap at limited quantity from M Mark series that brings comfort and confidence to the whole family. Based on the liquid soap that gives a refreshing finish, it blends in Japanese peppermint essential oil (Hakka oil) and menthol. This is a body soap that provides a cool feeling, a perfect item for hot, humid and sweaty season.

M Mark series received the Topawards Asia


M Mark has received the Topawards Asia for its excellent package design in Asia.

The Topawards Asia is a monthly design award for packaging sold in the Asian market. The products are first selected by the Topawards team and then judged by internationally active creators. The purpose of the award is to further develop the product design industry in Asia and the awarded products will be announced widely through web media. The theme of the award for the March selection was “BLUE” and our M Mark series has been given the award as one of the best packaging design under such theme.
Topawards Asia Official Website
Award winning products announcement

M Mark Mint Tooth Soap Paste was featured in magazine “be-story” November issue


M Mark Mint Tooth Soap Paste」was featured in magazine “be-story” November issue(released on November 17, Kobunsha)of “365 days Mint life to protect your skin and body “.

This toothpaste has natural comfortable feel and does not paralyze the sense of taste after tooth brushing. Two kinds of natural essential oils, Japanese peppermint and spearmint, are blended as flavoring ingredients which leave a fresh flavor and scent.Click here for more product details