Making progress in the Matsuyama Tokushima project


Building an office in Tokushima Prefecture Sanagochi-son to study the possibilities of using Japanese citrus such as Yuzu as an ingredient in cosmetics. We are making Sanagochi-son the village of Japanese citrus. This is the Tokushima project. The picture shows Matsuyama’s staff having a meeting with a local architect about the relation of infrastructure of the building and the surrounding environment. While looking at the model of the office everybody gets excited about the type of office to build.

Please see the details about the Tokushima project in the 「Tokushima project」 corner at 「Yuzu related site」.

「Hand-Cleaning Gel」 for making hands clean even when there is no water available


When camping you might want to wash your hands but there is no water nearby. Also during barbecue you might want to clean your fingers. In times like these we recommend using「Hand-Cleaning Gel」. This gel is convenient not just for special occasions but also carrying with you in your daily life. 240mL size bottle, 50mL portable travel size and refill pouch available. Also yuzu essential oil formulation and fragrance free fourmulation available. User friendliness in demonsatated in the TOPICS section of our online store. Please feel free to take a look.

Yamanashi Prefecture limited brand「Fuji Hokuroku series」was launced


Would you happen to have plans to vistit Yamanashi this summer? We recently launched 「Fuji Hokuroku series」. White peach leaf extract harvested in Yamanashi was added as a moisturizing ingredient to the WASH&CARE items: Soap Bar, Hand Cream and Lip Balm. For the aroma of the products we blended 3 types of natural essential oils . Wine like rich aroma is combined together with a fresh citrus aroma. Recommended as a souvenir. Fuji Hokuroku series can be purchased in shops listed below. The products are Yamanashi Prefecture limited products so they are not sold in the oline store. If you happen to visit these stores please feel free to take a closer look of the products.
Gateway Fujiyama Mount Fuji Station shop
FUJIYAMA BAZAAR Morinoeki Asahigaoka
Michinoeki Fujiyoshida Bussankan
Fuji Lake Hotel shop
Fujisan Onsen Hotel Kaneyamaen

(日本語) 薄荷(はっか)の釜焚きせっけん ボディソープが『UOMO』に掲載されました


Message movie 「Caring for each tree and plant」 compilation published


The message movie consist of 4 parts that show the thoughts and effort that hold importance to Matsuyama. Recently the 3th one was published. It shows our thoughts on: 「Quality starts from the ingredients」. Please take a look. Click here for 「Caring for each tree and plant」 compilation