New release of “HADAHUG”, skin care habits starting from 0 years old


“HADAHUG” is a hypoallergenic skin care series for infants. Taking advantage of the experience of traditional soap manufacturing methods and skin and body care products for sensitive skin cultivated by Matsuyama. The habit of “washing and moisturizing” is even more important for infants than it is for adults due to the fact that infants are very susceptible to dryness and easily affected by external stressors. To cleanse the skin, gently wash with mild cleansing ingredients. Supplements the function of the sebum membrane that keeps the moisture in and helps the barrier function. The skin care habits of “HADAHUG” will help to bring out glowing, healthy skin. There are 5 types of items: solid soap, foaming soap, moisturizing lotion, moisturizing cream and outing set. View items

Limited edition “Lime Mint” for summer


We started selling Mother Soap, Body Soap, and Cool Body Gel blended with lime and peppermint essential oil. Mother Soap and Body Soap give a moderate cooling feel when washing. Cool Body Gel replenishes fresh moisture to the skin that is dried out by ultraviolet rays and air conditioning. This body gel contains a moisturizing ingredient, vitamin E ball (tocopheryl acetate). Helps to prevent sweat, excessive moisture, and other discomfort causing factors from clinging onto the skin enabling you to spend a refreshing time

Notice of overseas shipping suspension and delay


Thank you for always using Matsuyama Online Store.Due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Japan Post has stopped accepting postal packages to China since March 13 (Fri). In response to the suspension, our company will make the following changes for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

■ Delivery suspension
China(except for Hong Kong and Macao)
■ Large delay
Hong Kong, Macau, Korea

When Japan Post starts accepting packages again, we will resume delivery.
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New release “Leaf & Botanics”


Body Soap, Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner. These 4 items were renewed. Formulated to spread the rich aroma of natural essential oils. Even in busy days, we hope you will enjoy a gentle aroma that reminds you of flowers and fruits. View items

Iyokan Wash & Care Launch


On February 17, 2020 (Monday), we started accepting orders for the M-mark series “Iyokan Body Soap” and “Iyokan Body Lotion” at Matsuyama Online Store.

Matsuyama has created many products containing natural essential oils so that you can experience the nature’s aroma. New products based on this technology are “Wash & Care” using Japanese citrus “Iyokan”. Body soap that cleanses skin smoothly and body lotion that protects the skin and uplifts with its refreshing texture. Please spend relaxing time with the sweet and fresh aroma straight from the nature. Click here for details