Establishing Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden in Tokushima Prefecture


As introduced on the “Yuzu special feature page” Matsuyama is conducting a research in Toukushima Prefecture about the benefits of the Japanese citrus for the skin. Also plans about cultivation and usage of the raw material in skin care products are being made. As a part of this plan we are establishing Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden for cultivation and research as well as for the purpose of increasing the level of communication and team spirit in the local community. From now on we are planning to produce Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden’s original products (skin care items, pressed juice, beverages, processed food) and to sell them both in Japan and overseas. We are expecting to open Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden in September 2020. Please see the progress of our new project. Click here for more detailed information.

“Charmant Chouchou was featured in “”NEKO MOOK””


Charmant Chouchou’s out-bath use items were featured in “”NEKO MOOK “” vol.17 (November 15th release /NEKO PUBLISHING) on the page “”Stylish and happy every day! hair items to elevate your mood””

Day emulsion is an emulsion type hair treatment that can be used for styling. Gives a smooth, stylish finish. Night Serum is a hair oil serum used after bath time. Intensive repair for damaged hair, prevents hair tangling and helps to keep the hair smooth. For the original aroma of the items a blend of essential oils was chosen to fit both scenes. Click here for items”

“M mark Amino Acid Infusion was featured in “”up PLUS””


M mark Amino Acid Infusion was featured in “”up PLUS”” December issue (November 12th release / NEKO PUBLISHING) on the page “”I want to know the moisturizing technique that will make me the URUHADA (skin moisturizing) master””! General knowledge about the 7 rules of skin care.

Amino acid Infusion is a lotion that smoothly applies to the skin maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. M Mark series skin care formulated all moisturizing items with amino acid metabolites such as amino acids and PCA that are the main components of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) . By supplementing NMF with daily skin care, moisture is stored in the horny layer leading to healthy skin. “

M Mark Creamy Foam Face Soap Bar was featured in “”Nikkei WOMAN””


M Mark Creamy Foam Face Soap Bar was featured in “”Nikkei WOMAN”” December issue (released on November 7th/ Nikkei Business Publications) on the page “Beauty professionals choose cheap but excellent! skin care cosmetics”.

This soap bar gives smooth, bouncy lather and is suitable for facial cleansing. Cleanses the skin without drying and leaves the skin with a good moisture balance. Recommended for this drying season. “

The harvesting season of yuzu is here.


Yuzu is an important ingredient of the fall/winter food culture in Japan. In Sanagochi-son Myodo-gun Tokushima, the location of the “Tokushima project”, yuzu harvesting season has started. The fresh aroma of yuzu spreads through the plantation.

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