Notice of overseas shipping suspension and delay


Thank you for always using Matsuyama Online Store.Due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Japan Post has stopped accepting postal packages to China since March 13 (Fri). In response to the suspension, our company will make the following changes for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

■ Delivery suspension
China(except for Hong Kong and Macao)
■ Large delay
Hong Kong, Macau, Korea

When Japan Post starts accepting packages again, we will resume delivery.
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Iyokan Wash & Care Launch


On February 17, 2020 (Monday), we started accepting orders for the M-mark series “Iyokan Body Soap” and “Iyokan Body Lotion” at Matsuyama Online Store.

Matsuyama has created many products containing natural essential oils so that you can experience the nature’s aroma. New products based on this technology are “Wash & Care” using Japanese citrus “Iyokan”. Body soap that cleanses skin smoothly and body lotion that protects the skin and uplifts with its refreshing texture. Please spend relaxing time with the sweet and fresh aroma straight from the nature. Click here for details

Notice of Discontinuation of some products from the the M Mark Series


Last possible orders will be orders placed until 17:00 on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. The following products in the M Mark series will be discontinued after this date. Please note that sales may end before the final order date depending on stock. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers. Thank you for your support and understanding.

[Discontinued products]
Seaweed Powder Soap Bar
Creamy Foam Face Soap Bar 40g / Lavender Creamy Foam Face Soap Bar 40g
Bamboo Charcoal and Salt Body Scrub / Bamboo Charcoal and Salt Tooth Soap Paste
Rice Bran “Agari-Yu” Bathroom Moisturizer

Environmental Initiatives(2)


In 1995, Matsuyama launched its first brand “”M mark”” and by bringing products to the market one by one the series was expanded. Matsuyama also started manufacturing and selling shampoo.””Amino Acid Shampoo”” was the product that launched the refill pouch before the bottle version. The reason behind this was to get the customer to reuse an old bottle they might already have and that way reduce the amount of plastic going to waste. During that time all kinds of containers were not being sold on the market so Matsuyama also sold plain bottles that could be used for the refill. After the amount of product users started to increase, Matsuyama launched a bottle type of the product to accommodate the requests of the users. *Click here to see other initiatives Matsuyama is taking for the environment.

Harvest of late-bloom oranges (from Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden)


The place where Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden is planned to be established has 50 orange trees of the “juuman” late-bloom oranges. Although small in size, it has a strong and a bit sour taste. The volume is so high that the local staff alone cannot harvest it. A villager who heard about the high volume, invited 3 people from the guest house of the neighbouring Tokushima City to help harvest the oranges. (Yamagami Fruit Tree Herb Garden is located in Sanagochi-son, Tokushima Prefecture. Please see here for more information on the efforts Matsuyama is doing locally.)