LEAF&BOTANICS launching new「OLIVE」 skin care


「OLIVE」, new skin care from LEAF&BOTANICS uses skin beneficial olive oil and olive extracts in it’s formula. By continuously using the beneficial ingredients, the skin is able to keep it’s refreshed and moisturized state, leading to healthy and glowy skin. Aroma from natural essential oils. The combination of blood orange essential oil and lavender essential oil spread a refreshing aroma.

5 types of items included: Cleansing OilFace Wash (face washing foam)Face Water (face lotion) Face Emulsion (milky lotion) and Skin Care Trial. Refill pouches available for 3 items excluding Face Wash and Trial set.



LEAF&BOTANICS 「MEBUKI」discontinued September 4th (Wednesday) 2019, last order time 17:00. Last shipping on September 6th. Please note that depending on the remaining stock the product sale might end sooner. We apologize for the inconvenience caused for customers using the series. Thank you for using the series so far.

【Discontinued items】

Factory outlet page items added


Thank you for always visiting the online store.

Recently we have added discontinued products of HADAURU moisturizing skincare series (some items) to the factory outlet site. The sale goes on as long as there is stock left so please don`t miss it. Click here for factory outlet page

※The items subjected will be updated as needed according to the changes in stock. Also due to the special price returns and exchanges are not accepted.

Summer limited edition items from LEAF&BOTANICS with the scent of peppermint essential oil are now on sale


LEAF&BOTANICS that fruitfully brings the goodness of plants to your skin and your heart offers you an annual summer limited edition items. In addition to Mother Soap and Hand Soap, this year we are launching Cool Body Gel that provides your skin with a cool sensation and moisture. All of the items have a fresh scent of peppermint essential oil and give a pleasant cool feeling. Make the sweaty summer comfortable with LEAF&BOTANICS summer limited items.

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Leaf & Botanics Acai – product discontinuation


Leaf & Botanics brings the goodness of plants to your skin and heart. The Selective line was developed with particular attention to raw materials. However, orders for the Selective line’s Acai group of products, which restores skin to a moisturized, soft, and elastic condition, leaving less-noticeable pores, will be discontinued as of 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Please note that the actual date for discontinuation of orders may be earlier than stated depending on availability of stock.

We are grateful to the loyal customers of the Acai products, and regret any inconvenience caused by discontinuation of this line of products.

Product discontinuation:
Leaf & Botanics – all Acai items

Date of discontinuation:
Orders will no longer be received after 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.
Final shipment will be made on Friday, March 29.