LEAF & BOTANICS Releases Bath Salt/ Sugar in Large Size


Designed for people who want to slowly enjoy the relaxing bath time. The size is 400 grams, enough for about 10 times use. Bath Salt is for tightening and preparing the skin. Contains geranium essential oils that smell of sweet flowers reminiscent of roses. The aroma of Bath Sugar that moisturizes the skin and keeps it moist is lavender. This is the aroma of a clear wild flower that relaxes the mood.

Fall / Winter Limited LEAF& BOTANICS “”Ginger”” New launch


Limited edition of Fall / Winter 2020, LEAF&BOTANICS””Mother Soap Ginger”” and “”Hand Cream Ginger””. These products can now be ordered through Matsuyama online store (see shipping quide for eligible countries ). Both products are formulated with ginger essential oil and Litsea cubeba essential oil. The aroma has some spiciness in it while also being reminicent of citrus. Especially hand cream is recommened for massaging hands during winter when the cold weather takes it’s toll on the hands.

Limited edition “Lime Mint” for summer


We started selling Mother Soap, Body Soap, and Cool Body Gel blended with lime and peppermint essential oil. Mother Soap and Body Soap give a moderate cooling feel when washing. Cool Body Gel replenishes fresh moisture to the skin that is dried out by ultraviolet rays and air conditioning. This body gel contains a moisturizing ingredient, vitamin E ball (tocopheryl acetate). Helps to prevent sweat, excessive moisture, and other discomfort causing factors from clinging onto the skin enabling you to spend a refreshing time

New release “Leaf & Botanics”


Body Soap, Body Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner. These 4 items were renewed. Formulated to spread the rich aroma of natural essential oils. Even in busy days, we hope you will enjoy a gentle aroma that reminds you of flowers and fruits. View items

LEAF&BOTANICS launching new「OLIVE」 skin care


「OLIVE」, new skin care from LEAF&BOTANICS uses skin beneficial olive oil and olive extracts in it’s formula. By continuously using the beneficial ingredients, the skin is able to keep it’s refreshed and moisturized state, leading to healthy and glowy skin. Aroma from natural essential oils. The combination of blood orange essential oil and lavender essential oil spread a refreshing aroma.

5 types of items included: Cleansing OilFace Wash (face washing foam)Face Water (face lotion) Face Emulsion (milky lotion) and Skin Care Trial. Refill pouches available for 3 items excluding Face Wash and Trial set.