Environmental initiatives

Shampoo that started sales from refill pouches /

In 1995, Matsuyama launched its first brand ""M mark"" and by bringing products to the market one by one the series was expanded. Matsuyama also started manufacturing and selling shampoo.""Amino Acid Shampoo"" was the product that launched the refill pouch before the bottle version. The reason behind this was to get the customer to reuse an old bottle they might already have and that way reduce the amount of plastic going to waste. During that time all kinds of containers were not being sold on the market so Matsuyama also sold plain bottles that could be used for the refill. After the amount of product users started to increase, Matsuyama launched a bottle type of the product to accommodate the requests of the users.

Also making refill pouches for the skin care products /

Matsuyama launched its first skin care ""COMFARM"" (currently discontinued) in 1997. At the time of the launch the level of recognition was quite low and we were unfortunately not able to make refill pouches for the lotion and the cream available. However 5 years after the launch (in 2002) with the renewal of the product line, we were able to add refill pouches to the series. We were also able to launch refill pouches for the moisturizing gel and serum that were new products in the series.

Examples of the plastic reduction rates when using refill pouches instead of bottles...
""Kamadaki"" Body Soap:83.4%, Yuzu Body Soap:80.8%, Lavender ""Kamadaki"" Foaming Hand Soap:85.6%, Yuzu Body Lotion:83.5%, Amino Acid Hair Water:89.6%, Amino Acid Foaming Face Wash:89.2%, Amino Acid Infusion:77.8%, Amino Acid Infusion Gel:81.4%, Amino Acid Sunscreen Emulsion:81.5%

The reason behind stopping the usage of packaging film /

Have you noticed Matsuyama products with no packaging film being sold? These products are not defective and there is no need to worry as there is a good reason behind it. Lately micro plastic and the greenhouse effect have become a big problem. To combat the problem actions have been taken globally. For this cause Matsuyama is cutting back on plastic usage as much as possible to reduce plastic waste and CO2. This was the reason behind stopping the usage of plastic packaging film in bottles. By the end of 2019 we expect to reduce the plastic film by the equivalent of 1 million bottles worth of packaging film.

Joining RSPO /

The official name for RSPO is ""Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil"". The purpose of this organization is to promote sustainable palm oil production and usage through the development of globally trusted certification standards and the participation of stakeholders. RSPO is a nonprofit organization that operates with the help of 7 sectors related to the palm oil industry. These sectors are: palm oil production industry, oil extraction / trading industry, consumer product manufacturing industry, retail trade, banks / investment companies, environmental NGO, society / development NGO. Matsuyama uses palm kernel oil as a raw material for products and joined the RSPO in 2019.

Matsuyama will continue to collect information on raw materials, ingredients, machinery and take optimal measures in order to create products with less impact on natural and social environments. In the process, there might be some inconvenience to the customer. We ask for your understanding and cooperation as the changes are made for a good cause.