Carefully proceeding untill finished

In Matsuyama we are using the 「pot boiling method」to make soap body.
Natural oils and fats are used as the main ingredients in this old, traditional method.
Due to the fact that this method takes a lot of time and manual work, it is said that there are only a few companies in Japan to still use it. 4 days (about 100hours) long process is manualized into the product standard document.
Still learning the correct timing for adjusting the temperature of the pot and knowing the progress, can only be learned through actually watching, listening and trying. From the experienced workers to the newcomers the knowledge is passed down. At the same time we also place importance on taking up new challenges. Deepening the knowledge, refining the technology to make even better products. That is the interest, the value of manufacture that we are proud of.

It starts with the water
Caring for each tree and plant

The “Matsuyama Narusawa Research Farm” is located about 20 minutes by car to the southwest of the Fujikawaguchiko Factory. It is currently 0.6 hectares in size. Crops include Japanese peppermint, beefsteak plant, mugwort, geranium and lemon balm. The farm's year begins in April as the rice straw covering the field is removed. In May and June, seeds are sown and seedlings develop. Harvest comes in July, August and September. Every day, from spring to early fall, the farm is a flurry of activity. By October, preparations are already underway for the frigid winters experienced by the Fujihokuroku area. The fields are once again covered with rice straw to let the ground rest until spring. We spare no effort or expense on the farm, because Matsuyama understands that “quality begins with materials.” We want to do more than purchase raw materials and turn them into merchandise. Our goal is to offer customers the kind of quality that can only be achieved when the entire line is integrated, from materials to final products. That's the Matsuyama way.

It starts with the water
Creating products with people in mind

Matsuyama’s Fujikawaguchiko Factory is located at Mt. Fuji’s second station, embraced by Japanese red pine woods and phytoncide, “the aroma of the forest.” Designed to exploit the location’s sloping land with its gentle 8% gradient, the factory runs along the incline, fully blending in with the forest. The staff works silently in the quiet environment with no audible exterior noise except possibly the chirping of the birds. While focusing on the job at hand, they simultaneously think about the step that follows their own task. “What can I do to ease the next person’s work?” they wonder. Indeed, monozukuri is like a relay. Semi-processed goods are handed to the next person in the production line like a baton. The baton ultimately becomes a completed product which is then delivered to the client; that consciousness creates a positive tension that is well-leveraged throughout the workday.

It starts with the water
It starts with the water

Mt. Fuji's rainwater and snowmelt gradually permeate through a unique layer of basalt. It takes a decade or two for it to be filtered by the geological strata and return as underground water ready for use. Matsuyama searched out purest possible water, and found it on the northern foot of Mt. Fuji. The source is located in Fujikawaguchiko in Yamanashi, an area situated inside a national park and known for its abundant, crystal-clear water. Even the drinking water at our Fujikawaguchiko Factory comes from a deep well that taps Mt. Fuji's underground water. The water is brought up from the depth of around 200 m and is used in our products as either soft water or as purified water.