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About materials and ingredients

About the materials and ingredients contained in our products.

  • Q:What is the right way to use your soap shampoo? A: To reduce grating and stiffness or prevent soap scum from remaining, it is important to first lather the soap up well before shampooing. By lathering the soap up well, it enables soap to exhibit its cleansing power.
    1) Before shampooing, rinse your hair well with hot water.
    2) Apply shampoo to your hair dampened with much moisture, and lather it up from the roots of hairs.
    3) Carefully rinse your hair, including the scalp, with the shower.
    4) Use a conditioner or treatment for soap shampoo.: A conditioner for soap shampoo contains an acid ingredient that decomposes soap scum. Note that decomposed soap scum, however, is transformed into fatty acid (oil), a constituent of soap. Much remaining soap scum causes hair to be sticky. To prevent it, carefully rinse hair after shampooing.