HADAURU Moisturizing UV Cream – March 20, 2019 new product launch


We are launching limited items from LEAF&BOTANICS that fruitfully brings the goodness of plants to your skin and your heart. In addition to the Hand Cream Ginger that gained high popularity last year, we are offering Mother Soap Ginger. These are wash and care products that you can enjoy the warming scent of ginger in the cold winter season.

Mother Soap contains honey that has excellent moisturizing effect and ginger root extract that conditions the skin. A fine, elastic lather washes up your skin mildly. Hand Cream contains shea butter that protects moisture of the skin, blended with plant-derived oil that is high in emollient effect. It prevents sensitive hands and fingertips from drying out and leave them feeling smooth. The fragrance is a blend of ginger essential oil and litsea cubeba essential oil which is also known as “ginger tree.”
Enjoy the citruslike, warm and spicy winter limited fragrance.

■About the products
LEAF&BOTANICS Mother Soap Ginger 90g ¥400
Hand Cream Ginger 65g ¥950 / Mini size 20g ¥300
※All prices are tax excluded.

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HADAURU Moisturizing Cream was featured in the magazine “kodomoe”


Moisturization is the most important, basic way to care for the skin. And that’s what we emphasize in “HADAURU Moisturizing Skin Care Series.” HADAURU Moisturizing Creamis one of the most popular items in this series.

It contains soy bean-derived ingredients that condition the horny layer, 5 types of ceramides that supplement the barrier function and emollient ingredient shea butter. It protects the skin moisture without feeling sticky. Try this item to prepare for the dry season.
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