A Silicone-free Hair Care Brand “Charmant Chouchou” to be launched on February 19, 2018


Charmant Chouchou is a new hair care brand that blends in the sea plant extracts from Brittany, France, known as the treasure house of seaweed of the world. These extracts prevent your hair from drying out and repair damages effectively. The lineup consists of hair care items that are silicone-free but leaves a moist, smooth finish, with relaxing scent of essential oil.

Where does the name “Charmant Chouchou” come from?

“Charmant” means charming and “chouchou” is favorite in French. For most people, the mood of the day depends on the hair style and finish. It is our sincere wish that you will add “Charmant Chouchou” to your favorites list and enjoy happier and more stylish day by making your hair easy to style.

Product Development Story

There are many hair care products that features useful ingredients of plants. For Charmant Chouchou, we have focused on the sea plants that contain abundant minerals and amino acids that are essential to nourish the hair. Bringing in the usefulness that seaweeds and seaside plants possess, we have developed a hair care line that responds to the concerns of those in their 20s: dried out, unruly and wavy hair. Not just shampoo but treatment and hair mask as special care are silicone-free and we have strictly selected ingredients that provide your hair with a finish that fingers run through smoothly. This is a lineup of hair care products that meets the demands of the nature-friendly users and also for those who want to realize the effects.

A Blessing from the Sea

The gulf stream originated in the Gulf of Mexico, which is known as one of the largest ocean currents in the world, reaches the coast of Brittany, carrying various kinds of minor elements and minerals. That is what makes the seaweeds, plants and sea mud of this ocean area so special, embracing abundant nutrients. The extracts of sea plants of this region, which contains useful ingredients to treat the hair, are blended in each item of this brand.

Sea Plant Extracts (included in all items)
– Alaria Esculenta (seaweed), Brittany, France: Repairs damages and control unruly wavy hair
– Inula (seaside plant), Brittany, France: Give shine and maintain color-treated hair
– Sea Lavender (seaside plant), France: Give moist to hair and scalp, prevent static electricity

A Relaxing Scent of Essential Oil

Essential oils are blended to fit the purpose of each product. We intend to provide not only the comfortable feel of the hair but also the relaxing bath time in order to start a new day positively.
– Shampoo: Refreshing Lime Scent (a blend of lime and lavender essential oils)
– Treatment and Hair Mask: Relaxing Geranium Scent (a blend of geranium and lavender essential oils)

Product Description

Moist & Repair Shampoo
480 mL, 1,500 yen / Refill: 440 mL, 1,300 yen
A rich foam that contains low-irritant cleansing ingredients and sea plant extracts protect hair from damages caused by friction and prevents squeekiness. It cleanses gently while giving moist to hair and scalp.

Moist & Repair Treatment
480 mL, 1,500 yen / Refill: 440 mL, 1,300 yen
11 kinds of amino acids and sea plant extracts repair hair damage, add shine and maintain color-treated hair. Prevents your hair from drying out and provides a moist, smooth finish.

Moist & Repair Hair Mask
210 g / 1,800 yen
Sea mud from Brittany, France, helps your hair retain necessary moisture and sea plant extracts repair damages. A once-a-week special care mask for those who have concerns about their hair damage.

Moist & Repair Hair Care Twin Sachet
10 mL x 2 / 120 yen
A convenient one-time trial set of shampoo and treatment. Rich foam that contains low irritant cleansing ingredients gently cleanses and leave your hair moist and smooth.

*All prices are tax excluded.

All items are free of silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colors, mineral oils, sodium laurylsulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.

Release date
Pre-launch on January 23, 2018 at limited stores
*We start accepting orders at our online store from Friday, January 26.